Health Psychology 

One on one consultations aim at modifying poor health habits and optimizing wellness. These services are provided for individuals wanting to change negative patterns (e.g., smoking, weight gain, sedentary lifestyle, insomnia) and improve their moods through healthy living strategies such as clean nutrition, stress reduction, social support, exercise and behavioral interventions. Health Psychology services can also assist in managing headaches, hypertension, pain, new medical diagnosis, among others.

Nutritional Psychology/Nutrition for better mood

Get to the root cause by improving your gut health and increasing the production of necessary neurotransmitters for better mental health. Receive counseling on what to eat and what food groups to eliminate to help manage stress, improve mood, improve concentration, maintain brain health, manage pain, and prevent disease.

Positive Psychology Coaching

Positive Psychology uses scientific understanding and interventions/techniques to help you increase happiness levels, life satisfaction, and improve health. The focus is on personal growth and positivity. 

Online & in-person Wellness Coaching 

Optimize your health and mental wellness through one-on-one (in person or online) counseling. Decrease stress, improve your nutritional habits, boost your mood and meet your goals with the help of a licensed health psychologist with an integrative approach to health & wellness. 


Dr. Francesca Vazquez is a licensed psychologist,  specializing in health psychology and nutritional psychology. She provides health psychology, nutritional psychology and wellness counseling services for exclusive clients in Miami and online. She is also the founder of 

Vibra Studio, a boutique wellness studio in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Francesca completed her undergraduate education at Villanova University. She then obtained her doctorate in psychology at Ponce School of Medicine in Ponce, Puerto Rico (her hometown). During graduate school, she became a certified yoga instructor and studied the effects of yoga on pain perception and quality of life in women with fibromyalgia for her dissertation.  She trained at Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami, specializing in adult behavioral medicine and rehabilitation psychology. She then completed a post-doctoral fellowship in health psychology at UF Health Cancer Center at Orlando Health where she trained under the Integrative Medicine Department. During her time at UF Health Cancer Center, she also worked for the Cancer Support Community, providing free of cost services to cancer patients, running Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programs, LiveStrong programs, creating wellness events, and performing neuropsychological evaluations on those experiencing cognitive impairments associated to neurological conditions, cancer treatment and additional medical diagnoses. 

Currently, she provides Telehealth services via Zoom and limited in person consultations at MindSoul Therapy, a holistic private practice located in Miami, FL.