Dr. Francesca Vazquez

Health Psychology & Nutritional Counseling for Mental Health

As a health psychologist focusing on nutritional psychology and lifestyle, Dr. Vazquez has developed a far from ordinary approach to mental health and treatment. She seeks to eliminate your symptoms and improve your mental health by treating the root cause and using lifestyle changes and food as medicine. After completing her training in a traditional healthcare setting, she formed part of the Integrative Medicine Department at UF Health Cancer Center, adopting a holistic approach to her care. She then received continuous education on nutritional psychology, making this one of her main approaches to mental wellness. Throughout a session, you will tackle your mental habits, lifestyle, and nutritional needs to improve your life and achieve a more balanced, energized and calm mental state.

Areas of Expertise

Health Psychology, Nutritional Psychology, Positive Psychology Coaching, Wellness Counseling

Dr. Francesca Vazquez is currently based in Miami, FL.  She owns a boutique yoga & wellness studio in Puerto Rico, Vibra Studio, while also providing clinical psychology and nutritional psychology services via Telehealth/online. She is also a certified yoga instructor and regular contributor for health websites such as www.mindbodygreen.com


Want to contact her or schedule an appointment ?

 To schedule your online appointment/telehealth service, send us an email.


You may schedule an in-person appointment with her at MIND & SOUL THERAPY, an integrative private practice located in Miami, FL. Her availability for in person services is limited as her main focus is Telehealth. 

Services can be provided in both Spanish & English.  

To schedule an online appointment via Zoom, email Francesca.vazquez@gmail.com

For an in person appointment, call: 

(305) 456-1014

Private practice Location: 

Coral Gables, FL 33134

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